Weapons and Equipment of the German Cavalry in World War II

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Shown are the weaponry, uniforms and other equipment of the German cavalry as used on all fronts throughout World War II.

David Johnson grew up in Michigan and now lives in the Pacific Northwest with his trusty sidekick Augie D. Dogg, two children, and two granddaughters. He earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Ferris State University in 1974, and he is currently working on his B.S. degree in Sociology. David says: We look around us and see things we feel or know should be changed. Our first thought is 'I am only one person. I cannot solve such a huge problem. What can I do?' David has shown that one person can do something and make a difference. What you do may not solve the entire problem, but it may solve a small piece of the problem.



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