Shipping outside the EU

We can ship to almost any country in the world.


Shipping Costs

We charge shipping costs. We have only some countries listed in our website program. Also our website is in Dutch, what makes ordering difficult. We use registered shipping outside the EU.

It is always possible to email us your shipping cost inquiry and any other questions.


How can you order?

You can email us your order, or use the website program.


Shipping company.

We use "PostNL" to ship our orders outside the EU.


Our contact Information:

Our email:

or by phone:

0031 316 242905. We speak English and German. (not French)

Our website is currently only in Dutch available. We can recomment Google translate for our website.


Paying your order

Payment is possible by the BIC and IBAN numbers and by Paypal.  Bank transfers are free and for Paypal we charge 5%.

If you want to pay by paypal, please choose the option "vooraf overmaken / Payment in advance" and mention as remark, that you want to pay by paypal. We sent you an email afterwards, with our paypal adress and the total costs. 


Our BIC and IBAN:

IBAN: NL52 RABO 0176 9896 84

Name:  MC4U

Bank:  Rabobank



T.a.v. F.Witte

Spijksedijk 3-181 B

6917 AB Spijk



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